About Us

Kataria hospital was founded by Dr P.K Kataria in the year 1977. In consistence with his ideology, the hospital has been the center of some pioneering work in Eye and E.N.T care catering to the states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pardesh. Our humble beginnings can be traced to free camps and affordable mobile clinics in North India, a practice we believe in to date. The Hospital was founded on the principles of providing affordable EYE & ENT care with years of experience by it founding members. Many patients have benefited from complex EYE & ENT problems and are leading a normal healthy & happy life after being cured.


Kataria Hospital has efficient team of qualified doctors who have gained practical experience to diagnose and analyse problems for better treatments. Our doctors have undergone rigorous training which includes workshops and training sessions from Austria, Milan and Hyderabad. The hospital hosts many live surgical workshops in the field of Eye & ENT which are among the best in the north Indian region.

Kataria Hospital is functioning with expert experience , guidance and ideologies of Dr. P.K. Kataria who put years of research and analysis for complex eye treatments. The Doctors have traveled extensively abroad in International conferences for Eye and ENT care and latest facilities being practiced globally.

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The Hospital is equipped with latest equipment,  diagnostic techniques and able doctors. The hospital staff is professionally qualified to meet Medical needs of patients and help them to feel better with good behavior. Kataria Hospital has earned name and respect due to sheer handwork and dedication of its staff and management. The respect gained in all the past years is due to commitment towards best Eye care and ENT services in entire region. Kataria Eye and E.N.T hospital prides itself on gaining your trust and loyalty over 40 years while staying ahead the technological curve.

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Kataria Hospital has in ward facilities to accommodate patients for major & minor operations who need regular medical observations for few days after treatment. The wards are hygienically fresh with proper sanitation and cleanliness.